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Aika Online is a free to play massively multiplayer online game set in a three dimensional fantasy world. It is available to play through gPotato, and was released in 2010. This MMORPG is one of the few free games that features a specific plot line for players to follow along with. As seen in the game trailer, Aika Online focuses heavily on PvP combat and social battling. Go on reading thisAika Online Review for more in-depth facts.

Aika Online Features

Checkmark4Massive PvP system – thousands of players for gigantic battles!

Checkmark4Thousands of quests – easy to find and range in difficulty!

Checkmark4Take advantage of the pran pet system – never battle alone!

Checkmark4Craft your own weapons!

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Talisman Online MMORPG

Talisman Online Free MMORPG

Talisman Online is a free massively multiplayer online role playing game that is set in a three dimensional ancient oriental fantasy world. It was developed and released by Miracle Castle Unlimited, first coming out in 2007. This Free MMORPG is known for featuring an easy to use interface and combat style, as seen in the Talisman Online trailer below.

Talisman Online Game Features

Checkmark4Five unique character classes including the Monk, Wizard, Assassin, Fairy and Tamer!

Checkmark4High level cap for long playing!

Checkmark4Exciting weekly special events where players can gain new items and experience!

Checkmark4Many maps to explore to keep the game interesting!

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Microvolts MMO

Microvolts Download and Honest Review

Microvolts is a free MMO that is played in the style of a third person shooter. It is a fairly new MMO, still in the open beta phase. It was released for open beta play in March 2011, originally developed by Korean company SK iMedia and released for the PC by Canada publisher Rock Hippo Productions. It features a more cartoon-like art style, as can be seen in theMicrovolts trailer below.

Microvolts Game Features

Checkmark4Numerous community events as a means to network and gain special skills and items!

Checkmark4Seven weapon types that can be used for each character!

Checkmark4Six different gaming modes to suit any preference!

Checkmark4Social gaming features!

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